Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wisconsin Art News

Wisconsin Art News - “Wisconsin is facing tumultuous economic and political times, so what is the role of art? According to Barbara Lawton, former Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin and current Chair of the Arts Board for Wisconsin, the “arts and culture sector play multiple roles in these unsettled times: they bring resiliency to the economy, which is important in Southeast Wisconsin, and, as we’ve gone through period of hemorrhaging businesses, new businesses look for a place that is supportive of the innovations they need and has a strong cultural heart beat.” Lawton points to Eau Claire where in 2009, during the worst moment of economic downturn, two high-tech businesses from New York City relocated there with the promise of 200 high paying jobs because they were confident they’d attract the workers they needed because of Eau Claire’s cultural resources.”

“Actors Alec Baldwin and Kevin Spacey are expected to visit Capitol Hill to press Congress to preserve arts funding amid budget cuts. However, a hearing at which the actors were to testify Tuesday has been canceled. A spokeswoman for the House Appropriations Committee says some hearings have been canceled to free up time for staffers, who are helping members of Congress with budget negotiations to avoid a government shutdown.”

The Wisconsin Arts Board’s
Percent for Art program announces a new commission opportunity for the UW Madison Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR) Center Tower. This commission opportunity is open to artists living in the continental United States who demonstrate that they have completed one or more commissions with a budget of $200,000 or more. A prospectus for the project is now listed through the link above.
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