Friday, March 08, 2013

Windows 8 Will Available in 9 Variants

Microsoft has released Windows 8 Consumer Preview version on 29 February. This is a trial version which can be downloaded and tested for free by the public.

Although Microsoft did not specify, but Windows 8 will be available in nine editions or versions. It is known from the file registry editor in Windows 8 Consumer Preview is released.

The 9 versions include:
  • Windows 8 Starter Edition
  • Windows 8 Home Basic Edition
  • Windows 8 Home Premium Edition
  • Windows 8 Professional Edition
  • Windows 8 Professional Plus Edition
  • Windows 8 Enterprise Edition
  • Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation Edition
  • Windows 8 Ultimate Edition
  • Windows 8 ARM Edition

Compared with Windows 7 released in 7 editions, Microsoft added three new editions in Windows 8. Plus editions are Professional Plus, Enterprise Evaluation, and ARM Edition.

Microsoft had not told her about the distinguishing features in each edition.

However, for ARM Edition, Microsoft is designing Windows 8 as the OS that can run on mobile devices, namely tablets and smartphones, most of which use ARM architecture processors.

However, the ninth edition of Windows 8 is not yet a final decision as to date of Windows 8 is still in beta or test form.
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